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Joint Statement between British Cycling Central Region and Hillingdon Cycle Circuit User Group

Following a very productive and helpful meeting, held with Hillingdon Council on the 3rd September, this was after an accident at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on the 2nd September.
We can confirm that the following has been discussed and is in the process of being finalised with the council.
A few points have still to be finalised in the weeks to follow

As a result of the accident

Firstly, the lady involved in the accident, although going to hospital via air ambulance, is reported to be recovering well and her injuries are not as severe as first thought

The cyclist involved has not been identified but we would ask if anyone knows who it was encourage him to contact Mark Doel at

Hillingdon Council are currently carrying out a H&S assessment and report. While this is being completed, the cycle circuit is temporarily closed for public riding

Until the risk assessment is completed and contractors’ vehicles used for cutting back all vegetation by 4m is completed, is another reason for the temporarily closure

This is to allow a clearer line of sight and should be completed in the week beginning 7th September

Those hiring the circuit can continue to use it, as they must comply to the HCCUG T&C’s as well as the circuit specific Covid-19 risk assessment

To enable a safer approach for public use of the circuit the following has been agreed:

In addition to the 4m removal of all vegetation from the side of the circuit, footpaths that are overgrown shall be cleared and all of these shall then have regular maintenance to ensure they are clear

New signage shall be installed by Hillingdon Council, which shall indicate via symbols how the circuit is to be used by members of the public. This shall include a directional sign indicating an anti-clockwise directional flow. These signs shall be at least 3m from the circuit to ensure safety of riders.

A footpath from the top of the hill on Springfield Road side to the storage containers shall be built as soon as possible to allow pedestrians to keep clear of the circuit.

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Competitions and cycle racing:

The one way system is for the public only. Club and competition events may use either direction

For all competitive events and those events where a risk assessment shows it is necessary, the gates at the North end of the circuit leading on to the Uxbridge Road at Sainsbury’s and Wickes shall be locked

Notices shall be placed explaining why and a list of events will be given to the council so that dates can be given to the public in advance. There shall be no access for members of the public during these events. This is subject to the Council legal department agreeing to this

An additional gate shall be built on the footpath immediately left of the underpass that leads towards the circuit. This shall also be locked during these events


Hillingdon Cycle Circuit Users Group and BC Central Region would like to thank Hillingdon Council for their co-operation and understanding and for being so helpful in reaching these decisions.

We feel that whilst these steps may not stop every accident in future with members of the public, these practical additions to the circuit use will help reduce the likelihood of accidents and make it a safer place to enjoy cycling.

Alison Grant – Chair of Hillingdon Cycle Circuit User Group
Mark Doel – Regional Events Officer, British Cycling

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