Hillingdon Cycle Circuit was the first of its kind when it opened in 1997, a purpose built circuit at just under a mile in length (0.94 to be precise). Hillingdon Cycle Circuit (HCC) has become 'the' cycling venue that all others are judged by, a great circuit with fantastic clubhouse, HCC is used all year round for racing and leisure cycling, along with the occasional skier and skater! You can find details of how to book the circuit here: if there is not a booked session the circuit is available for free, general use, please ride in the same direction as any other riders already using the circuit/ Safety is important at HCC and we strongly recommend you wear a helmet and please remember the circuit is in a public park, so respect other users and be aware that there may be dogs walkers present.
11-12 Springfield Rd, Hayes UB4 0JS, London, UK