Springfield Road,Hayes,UB4 0LP,UK

Mission Statement

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit User Group

HCCUG is an organisation run entirely by volunteers. The User Group holds the lease for
the Cycle Circuit Clubhouse and the licence for the Circuit itself from
Hillingdon Council.
This means that HCCUG is responsible for hiring out the circuit and
clubhouse and to co – ordinate their use . In addition to this the purpose of
HCCUG is to promote community participation in sport and recreation.


HCCUG is responsible for the upkeep of the clubhouse including all repairs and maintenance. It works closely with the council to oversee maintenance of the circuit.


Membership of HCCUG is open to any community club that has hired the
circuit for events on ten or more occasions in the preceding financial year .
A community club is one which is run on a not for profit basis and is affiliated with the appropriate National Governing Body. Each member club then has one vote through a nominated representative. The committee of
HCCUG is voted for from the membership.


HCCUG is a not for profit organisation and all revenue goes into maintenance and delivery of an effective and well run sports facility.