57th annual Archer Spring Criterum – 26 Apr 2014

The Archer Spring Criterium on 26 April at Hillingdon circuit is unusual being for 1/2/3 categories without the presence of elites. This reflects its origins as the main support race for the classic Archer GP when it was seen as a stepping stone for up and coming riders. It merited this status since it started […]

Regions link up for 3-day circuit RR – 3/4/5 May 2014

Three sets of organisers and the managements of three London state of the art cycle circuits have uniquely linked up to promote the Condor Cycles London 3-day race for 2/3 categories on 3/4/5 May. The venues are the new Lee Valley VeloPark, the Kent CycloPark and Hillingdon traffic free closed circuits. In an example of […]